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What are the Signs it is Time for a Restoration Job at Your Waterpark or Pool?

Water slides and pools have a lot of factors that wear them down overtime. Water, chemicals, weight, and more all take their toll on the safety and appearance of the structures. There are many signs that it is time for an inspection and restoration project.

Overtime the sun, water, and chemicals all leave their mark on the coloring of the water slides, and also the integrity of the surface of the water slide. The sun bleaches out the color of the slide due to the frequency of the UV light rays, yes, being sun bleached is a real thing. This damage is being done year around, even when the slides are not in use. The water also can damage the slide due to the pounding pressure of the water wearing down some parts of the slide more than others due to flow and resting rate. When looking at the chemicals that they treat the water with, in large amounts it can break down some of the materials of the slide making it potentially more rough and taking some of the enjoyment away from the guests. The chemicals in the sunscreen that the guests are wearing can also cause significant damage over time. The main problem that it can cause is that it adds itself to all the chemicals that are already in the water and depending on the present chemicals, it can make a less than friendly mixture.

Water Slide Restoration
Water Slide Restoration

One more thing that you have to be aware of is wind blowing debris and chipping the equipment and also certain aspects of guests swimming apparel damaging the equipment. There may be an odd button or something that can scratch the slide and then the chemicals will attack that part of the slide more than usual, therefore lessening the integrity of that part of the equipment.

Another sign that restoration is needed is if there are cracks or chips in the concrete surrounding pools or slides. The reason that these cracks and chips can be dangerous is that it can cause harm to the guests due to tripping and falling or scratching themselves. Alongside this, we have to remember that the chemicals can get down into the cracks causing more problems with more than just the little spot that it seeped through.

When you look at restoration of the water slide and other equipment within the park one thing to always remember is that you are not just wanting to patch holes or fix minor parts, you want it to look new and potentially better than it did before. You need to look at companies that will bring the newness back to the park and add longevity to the equipment rather than patching holes and having someone come by over and over again which will cost quite a bit of money. The company that you should be considering above all is SlideRite. Their belief is leaving the equipment much better than when they came, and of course having happy customers, because a happy customer is a customer who will keep coming back.